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Using a Relay Service

If you want to talk to a person who uses a TTY:

  1. Call the state or Federal relay service:
    Virginia: 711
    Federal Relay Service: 800-877-8339
  2. The communications assistant (CA) will ask for the TTY number you wish to call.
  3. The CA will call the TTY number for you.
  4. The CA will keep you informed of the status of the call, "ringing", "busy", etc.
  5. When the call is answered, the CA will identify this as a relay call.
  6. Speak to the person as you would normally speak, don't say "please tell her that Sarah is calling about to talk about meeting for lunch today", say "Hi this is Sarah, do you want to meet for lunch today?"
  7. What the person types, the CA will voice for you; what you say, will be typed on a TTY.

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